Providers of materials to restore and maintain Stanley Steam Vehicles

We are all stewards of the things we collect.  We all understand the responsibility of preserving our steam car history and passing it along.  Your or a loved one spent years building a collection of steam cars, parts, and literature.  Now it is time for another generation to serve as guardian.

How do you accomplish that?  Maybe you’re the executor for Uncle Bob’s Estate.  Perhaps there are family financial concerns.  Maybe it is just time to downsize.

Whatever your situation, don’t get cherry picked!  Don’t allow a “friend” to buy a “couple of things” from the collection - you’ll be left with the junk.  For an example, see “The Old Watchmaker“at

You’ll waste valuable time and effort trying to put together a patchwork of buyers trying to sell the entire collection.

Vintage Steam Products Estate Services provides you with a one contact source to find new homes for your collection at the highest possible return to you.

We don’t simply write you a check, although we can if that is what you wish.  We search for a rewarding buyer-seller relationship when dealing with you in discussing the transfer of your collection.  You have a wide choice of ways to sell or dispose of your holdings.

Here is what we offer:
1. Consignment of your collection to a highly reputable auction.
2. Consignment of individual cars and parts.
3. Combination of consignment and purchase.
4. Outright purchase.  Cash on the barrelhead and everything is removed.  Very simple, very clean, no worries.  Over and done with.  We’ll pay the highest wholesale prices.  (Yes, VSP has to make a little money!  Think about popular television shows such as American Pickers and Pawn Stars.)
5. Single Owner Auction - we know almost everyone who is anyone in the steam car fraternity.  We’ll arrange everything from inventory to sale to delivery.
6. Private Treaty arrangement to place your collection.
7. Museum services - you’d like create a memorial to Uncle Bob?  Donate part or all of the collection to a museum or library.  With over 40 years of museum experience, we know whom to contact.  This can generate a substantial tax deduction.
8. You tell us what you want to do.  If it is legal, we’ll help you.  You’re in charge.

Contact Vintage Steam Products for more information.  (972) 661-9672 or email us at
In addition to steam cars, we have extremely knowledgeable contacts in the Packard world.