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Hector Halhead “Steam” Stewart:  The History of Stanley Steam Cars in New Zealand and More!
By Donald R. Hoke, Ph.D.                Available Now.   

H. H. Stewart was a 20th century New Zealand steam car engineer who traveled the world seeking the perfect steam car.  Following World War I, he came to America, visited the Stanley factory, and became New Zealand’s Stanley Agent.   In 1924, he spent three months at the Stanley factory helping to design the “New Light Steam Car,” the SV 252.  While in America, Stewart met with virtually every steam car inventor and manufacturer.  In 1927 he was in Detroit to see Doble’s first steam bus effort, which led him to bring Doble together with A. & G. Price for steam bus efforts in New Zealand in 1930.

Stewart’s biography brings to light a tremendous amount of new steam car material, including the prototype SV, letters from Fred Marriott, and an extensive relationship with Abner and Warren Doble.  It includes an extensive series of appendices that document the Stewart Archive including Delling, Coats, Derr, Brooks, etc.

The book includes some 540+ illustrations and 160,000 words.

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The Una-Flow Steam-Engine, 1922. 
J. Stumpf
This is an enlarged (8 ½ c 11) reprint of the single best steam book ever published.  It was scanned from an original copy, so the photos are exceptional and the text easy to read and see the formulas.  Price includes shipping.
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