Providers of materials to restore and maintain Stanley Steam Vehicles

250 Fiberfrax 1/16" X 24" Paper - priced per foot


This is an alumina-silicate fiber in a non-woven matrix with an organic binder system.  The ceramic fibers are randomly oriented forming uniform, flexible, lightweight sheets.  In these thicknesses it feels more like felt than paper.  It replaces sheet asbestos in places like wrapping a boiler, insulating a burner pan, or lining a hood.  It does not retain water, so if wet by water or steam all physical properties are restored upon drying.  However unlike asbestos you cannot wet it, roll it into a ball or stuff it into a crack and have it dry and conform to a new configuration, nor can you glue it to the inside of your hood with wall paper paste.  Contact cement must be used for this.  24” wide, sold by the linear foot.